Are Your Aging Parents Worried About Joining A Senior Living Community? 4 Ways To Put Them At Ease

15 November 2022
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As people age, they experience many changes. For example, they begin to lose their memory, their eyes develop problems, and they might lose their sense of independence. Enrolling your elderly parents in a senior living community could be a noble thing to do. However, you or your parents may be worried about the transition. Below are some tips to put your loved one at ease when moving into a senior community.  

1. Encourage New Interests 

Your parents could be comfortable with their current lifestyle. However, isolation and loneliness can lead to depression. At the same time, your parents may get worried that moving from their home might cause them to lose close connection with friends and family. However, you can always visit your parents and encourage them to form new friendships with peers at the senior living facility. Visit them frequently and bring your kids and other family members along. Encourage them to find new hobbies and interests as they delve into this new life chapter. 

2. Highlight the Advantages of the New Arrangement

Many seniors may be willing to move into senior living facilities but may find it hard to let go of their homes. Your loved one could be worried about the benefits of the senior living arrangement. Consider showing them the financial benefits of selling their home and moving to a senior living community. They can bid goodbye to the maintenance fees, bills, and mortgage payments required to own a home. Your parents might improve their lives when they don't have to worry about monthly bills at home. 

3. Find a Facility With 24/7 Support 

Another major worry among seniors is getting neglected. In their old age, most lose their sense of independence. Therefore, you need a senior living facility that takes pride in providing care and support services to seniors. Your parents must be convinced that they are in great hands even during emergencies. The staff at the facility should take over roles such as health care management and making appointments.

4. Ensure They Stay Involved in Their Life Outside the Community

Your parent might worry that moving into senior living restricts them from staying involved in life outside the facility. Joining the senior living community doesn't mean they will have to avoid other community events and programs. Ensure your loved one stays connected to their old lifestyle and people. They can still visit friends, join communal parties, and attend trips when necessary.

Pay attention to your parents' worries when enrolling them in a senior community to help them adjust to the new arrangement. These tips can help enhance the transition and improve your overall experience when enrolling your parents in a senior living community.

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