Parent Have Dementia? When It Is Time For Memory Care

19 January 2023
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Dementia has many stages, and it can take a few years before someone is ready for memory care. In the beginning, the symptoms are mild enough that people may not realize the person is having problems. Over time, however, they will become much worse and require much more care. At this point, you should consider memory care if you are not able to live with your parent full-time. Below is information about memory care and tips on choosing one for your parent. 

When It Is Time For Memory Care

Once your parent is not able to do many things, such as go to the bathroom, take a bath or shower on their own, cook meals, and much more, they need a lot of help. This can be a dangerous time because if they try to cook, they may leave a stove turned on and forget to turn it off. They may open a refrigerator door and leave it standing open. If they do this, they may then eat spoiled food later on. 

Your parent will become disorientated and confused. They can even get lost in their own house if they live in a large house. If there are stairs in your parents' home, they will be dangerous for them. This is because many people with dementia will roam at night. It can also become overwhelming to care for someone with dementia on your own, especially if you do not have any help. 

Choosing A Memory Care Facility

When it comes to choosing a memory care facility take your time to visit different ones in your area. Ask the facility if the staff is trained to work with people that have memory problems. The facility should also be secure. This means doors should always be locked to prevent someone from leaving the facility. They should be secure in their room at night. Sundowning is common for people with Alzheimer's, a specific form of dementia. This is when they experience more confusion during the evening and also may become more aggressive and agitated. They will need extra care during this time as they will likely find it hard to sleep. 

Ask the facility if they have activities that are tailored to the different levels of dementia. In the beginning, your parent may still enjoy doing some things. This includes things like gardening, playing board games and puzzles, listening to music, and much more. 

If your parent is still able to understand, take them with you to the memory care facilities you visit. For more information on dementia memory care services, contact a professional near you.