How Home Care Helps People With Osteoarthritis

5 August 2021
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One of the most common conditions associated with growing older is osteoarthritis. This condition is common, but it can also be extremely painful. If you have a loved one who has been diagnosed with osteoarthritis, you may have already considered home care. These are some of the ways you can help a loved one with this serious condition.

Home Care Can Help Your Loved One Adapt

People who have osteoarthritis may have to make some adjustments to the way they live. It can be difficult to do this without assistance. Home care professionals help your loved one make adaptations with and without the necessary tools that make life easier. They can also help determine what types of tools would be most helpful to use in the home.

Home Care Can Provide Assistance With Medication Management

Many people with osteoarthritis have a lot of medications they need to take. These can include oral medications and injections that can be difficult to manage on their own. A professional can step in to offer medication management, including administration and reminders to take the medication.

Home Care Can Offer Help With Injury Prevention

It is also important for professionals to work with your loved one to stretch and lengthen the muscles. Flexibility means your loved one is less likely to become injured. It can also keep the symptoms of osteoarthritis at bay. Home care professionals can help your loved one with active and passive stretches that help them avoid injury and discomfort.

Injury prevention also extends to things like running errands. A home care professional can provide help for your loved one while doing things like grocery shopping, going to the doctor's office, and traveling to visit loved ones.

Home Care Can Help With Healthy Weight Management

One of the biggest ways to prevent pain caused by osteoarthritis is to focus on managing weight. Maintaining a healthy weight can prevent the joints from becoming pained, and home care can offer help with this. Home care professionals can help your loved one eat healthy meals and get appropriate exercise so that they do not gain weight that could have painful consequences.

Consult With a Home Care Professional

Are you ready to help your loved one deal with osteoarthritis at home? They may not need to go to a facility for help. They can live comfortably at home with professional help. Reach out to a home care professional to make this happen.