Did Your Elderly Parent's Care Preferences Change? 3 Tips To Maintain Your Bond After Their Move To Assisted Living

6 June 2018
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While you'd never hesitate to do everything in your power to help your parent, you've recently been made aware that your loved one prefers to avoid making you the sole person responsible for their care. Whether they just don't like the idea of being dependent upon their child for personal care or they prefer to live near their friends, you recognize that this decision has a tremendous impact upon your relationship. Fortunately, you can use these tips to maintain your bond after your loved one moves to their new assisted living residence.

Help Them Set Up Their Home

Today's seniors benefit from having the opportunity to create a personal environment in their residence that makes them feel comfortable. Once your loved one has found the ideal senior care residence, help them start the process of planning how to decorate their new home. Consider framing a few cherished family photos that highlight the things that you both enjoy doing together, and offer to help them find the ideal place to display them in their new living area. As you work together to set up their new home, your loved one will appreciate knowing that you support their decision to move.

Establish a Special Ritual

When you were little, your loved one likely had a special activity, story, or song that you shared together. Now, you get to create a new special ritual that demonstrates the love that you share. During your visits to see your loved one, plan an activity that you can do regularly. For instance, you could always show up with a new book to read together and discuss. Alternatively, you may enjoy continuing your role as a caregiver by giving your loved one a manicure or styling their hair. Special rituals don't have to be expensive or major. Often, it's the little things that you do that show your parent how much you care.

Ask to Meet Their Friends and Caregivers

For many older adults, a move to assisted living represents a new opportunity to enjoy some independence. During the first few weeks, your loved one will meet new friends and caregivers that all allow them to explore different activities and interests. In fact, you may discover that your loved one's friends have stories to share that give you new insights into their personality. Asking to meet the other people that they care about also lets your loved one know that you care about the things that bring them joy.

Your loved one's decision to leave their current home represents a big change in your relationship. While you may not spend as much time together as you did before, you can still use each moment together to build your relationship. With a little time and regular visits, you'll soon find that your loved one's decision to move has a positive impact upon your relationship.

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