Safety Features You Want Your Senior Housing To Have

24 July 2017
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If you are like many seniors who are aging, you no longer have the energy or desire to keep up the large home that you needed to raise your children. As you search for new senior housing, you will find there are a lot of options on the market to choose from that can meet your needs. While many of them will offer many different options, there are a few safety features that you will want to make sure they include.

Fire Prevention Systems In The Kitchen

Forty percent of all house fires start in the kitchen. They are often started when someone forgets that they have left a pot unattended on the stove. They can also be caused by cooking oil overheating or by clothing, kitchen linens, or other flammable materials going up in flames.There are many types of fire suppression or fire prevention systems that can be found in senior housing. Some of these are:

  • Fire retardant chemicals built into the range hoods, which the hood will automatically release when it senses the temperature becoming too hot  
  • Systems that will turn the stove or oven off automatically
  • Stoves that will automatically keep the cooking temperature below a certain point

Ask your realtor or the person who is showing you the property about any safety features that exist in the kitchen.

Built-In Medical Response Systems

Although wearable medical response systems are great and useful, especially when you are away from home, look for housing options where there are systems that are already built in. Some housing options now have voice-activated systems that will automatically call pre-programmed numbers if you ask them to. Look for housing that has units that are located in high-fall-risk areas such as your bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen.

Fall-Proof Bathrooms

The majority of all falls that take place at home take place in the bathroom. Look for bathrooms that have well-positioned grab bars that will not only help to assist you in and out of the shower, but will also help you lower yourself to the commode. Look for comfort toilets in the bathrooms. These units are higher in height which can make sitting down and getting up much easier.

Look for units that have walk-in tubs, or showers that do not have an elevated lip. This will help to eliminate this major trip factor in your bathroom. Make sure that there is built-in seating in your shower, or room enough for you to place a shower chair. Although wall-mounted shower heads can be nice, a hand-held one will allow you more flexibility if you have less mobility. As you search for your next housing, you may not need all of these safety options now—just remember, hopefully this will be a home that will last you the rest of your life.

To learn more about your options for senior housing, contact facilities like Stillwaters Colonial Residence.