Upscale Assisted Living Facilities: What To Expect

13 April 2017
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When you hear "assisted living facilities," you probably imagine a nursing home where there are two or three people to a room with only privacy curtains to divide the beds. While this is certainly a reality, there are other assisted living facilities that are more private and/or more upscale than a nursing home. These upscale facilities may provide a private room to an individual, or (as is the case with really upscale assisted living) an apartment or condo home. If you can afford the really upscale assisted living, here is what you can expect to get for your money.

Your Own Private Home

Sure, it may be an apartment or a condo, and it may have hallways linking all of the apartments or condos in the building together, but yours is entirely your own. People may only enter your abode through your front door (or patio, if you have a first floor apartment or condo). You will have your own bedroom, kitchen, living room, dining room, and your own private bathroom. If couples want to live together in the same apartment or condo, they can pay for a slightly larger dwelling and/or a two-bedroom abode, which is particularly helpful for those times when nurses have to come in and assist a spouse with getting ready for the day.

Scheduled Services

Before you move in, you sit down to meet with an assisted living facilities director. He or she will discuss what assistance you need with self-care, medications, meals, bathing, etc. Then you will receive a scheduled plan of services, which includes days and times for the services you require. You will always know that someone is coming in on this day at this time to provide a specific service. It is reassuring to know that your services are scheduled so that someone will always show up to help you and check in on you to make sure you are okay.

Group Activities and Trips

Upscale living facilities also frequently provide social activities in common areas and/or a clubhouse on the property. This provides a means of getting to know your neighbors and maybe making some new friends. The activities include exercise classes, games, movies, and outings int the community. The facility may also provide some opportunities to take bus trips to see and participate in different events and sightseeing tours. Ask your office manager what they offer prior to signing your lease. Talk to a facility like Agape Cottage Senior Homes Inc to learn more.