Points To Keep In Mind And Ask About When It Is Time To Find A Senior Care Home For Your Loved One

13 March 2017
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Do you have an elderly parent whose health and safety you are worried about? Perhaps you and other family members have work and other responsibilities that make it impossible to care for them. A number of families face the difficult prospect of admitting their elderly loved ones into senior facilities. It can be particularly difficult if the elderly family member wishes to reside at home. The following are a few things to look for in a long-term care facility when your family is ready.


Research facilities of interest to ensure that there have not been any reports of elder abuse. Visit locations and ask specifically about safety protocols. For example, some facilities have alarms on all exit doors and security cameras. Security is also about how safe facilities are. The elderly are prone to falls and other injuries, and it can take them longer to heal. Ideally, centers of interest should have medical staff available that can care for these types of emergencies. 

Physical Healthcare

You also want to have peace of mind that your loved one will make it to all of their wellness appointments and receive their medications at the appropriate times. Even if an unexpected bout of sickness such as a cold arises, you want to know in advance how the facility will handle it. For example, on-site medical staff might make their own assessment or a doctor's visit might be scheduled. You can voice your preferences about such matters. For example, you can request that the facility calls you if your loved one gets ill. This will allow you to make a judgment call about getting them to the doctor on your own.

Mental Health

Elderly individuals who have been on their own their whole lives may feel a loss of freedom when they first arrive at facilities. Sometimes they may even get depressed when they think of friends or spouses who preceded them in death. You need to ensure that the facility you choose addresses signs of depression and has treatment protocols in place. Some centers have remarkable recreation planned for their residents on and offsite. There are also numerous opportunities to make new friends. 


Meal planning is also an important aspect. You want to ensure that your relative will be provided meals that are appropriate for them to eat. For example, an elderly individual with high blood pressure should ideally be on a low-sodium or sodium-restricted diet. It is important to know how facilities of interest handle unique dietary situations.

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