2 Living Options for Your Aging Parent

11 June 2019
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When your parent has reached the point that they can no longer live alone in their own home, there are options open to you and to them. Which option you take depends on what is going to be best for both you and your parent, which means that you guys are going to have to have a lot of discussions about what you both need. So, what are some of those options? Read More 

3 Ways To Help Maintain Your Parent’s Health

29 March 2019
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If your parent is advancing in age and you help take care of him or her, there are lots of healthy habits you can help your parent cultivate that will benefit both of you. Some of them are listed below. #1 Create a Bedroom Space Made for Sleep Insomnia is a serious issue in the senior community. Make sure your parent's bedroom is set up to facilitate sleep. To start with, make sure their bedroom is where they sleep, not where they hang out and spend the day. Read More