Hire A Medical Professional Through A Homecare Agency To Manage Your IV

31 January 2018
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Although having an IV in your hand or arm might be synonymous with a hospital stay, you might not realize that medical patients will often leave hospitals with their IVs in place. This way, should the patient need to return to the hospital for any reason, the IV will already be ready to use. If the idea of having to go back to the hospital for anything related to your IV doesn't appeal to you, you can often hire an elderly in home care provider through a homecare agency to manage your IV. Read More 

Are You Taking Your Kids to Visit Their Grandma With Alzheimer’s? 3 Tips to Plan an Enjoyable Visit

10 November 2017
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Seniors with Alzheimer's Disease are beginning to enjoy a better quality of life than ever before, and they look forward to spending time with their loved ones who visit their residence. However, kids can sometimes be a little nervous about visiting their grandparent in memory care, especially if it has been awhile since they last visited together. Use these tips to set up a visit that gives everyone an opportunity to bond. Read More 

Safety Features You Want Your Senior Housing To Have

24 July 2017
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If you are like many seniors who are aging, you no longer have the energy or desire to keep up the large home that you needed to raise your children. As you search for new senior housing, you will find there are a lot of options on the market to choose from that can meet your needs. While many of them will offer many different options, there are a few safety features that you will want to make sure they include. Read More 

3 Questions To Ask When Selecting An Assisted Living Facility For Your Parent With Early Stage Dementia

16 May 2017
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If you have a parent who has been diagnosed with early-stage dementia, you may be worried about them living on their own. However, you may decide an assisted living facility is better for them than a nursing home at this time. If so, use the following three questions to guide you when starting the process of selecting a facility for your loved one. Is Supervision Available Around The Clock? Although your loved one is in the early stages of their disease and can still participate in some activities of daily living, there may still be times when they become forgetful and unable to perform certain tasks. Read More 

Upscale Assisted Living Facilities: What To Expect

13 April 2017
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When you hear "assisted living facilities," you probably imagine a nursing home where there are two or three people to a room with only privacy curtains to divide the beds. While this is certainly a reality, there are other assisted living facilities that are more private and/or more upscale than a nursing home. These upscale facilities may provide a private room to an individual, or (as is the case with really upscale assisted living) an apartment or condo home. Read More